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What we offer

Cloud Brokerage, Big Data Migration & Technology Partnership

VizvaStudio provide products tools and services to multiple sectors, with simplifying technology as our unifying theme.


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Innovate with technology as a catalyst

You have a great idea and vision for your business and want it to be converted into a marketable product. We can help you, we understand your business & vision, research the market and field, help you build a winning product that is both profitable and sustainable. We use short iterative cycles to get feedback, learn and adapt. This makes us fast and agile when it comes to product building.

We can help startups and mid-sized businesses to achieve their goals and reduce cost through technology and process improvement in a time effective manner and sustain their success. We can help you improve your user experience and build a lasting customer base. We help you create technology roadmaps and adapt to new evolving technologies faster and earlier than your competitors that gives you the added market advantage. We also build our own innovative tools, products and services that can help you build and evolve your business and save time.

Make your Big Data into valuable insights

Your data is growing fast, the volume is massive and contains a variety of data including structured, un-structured and semi-structured data. These create a considerable challenge for data storage and processing for your organization. Focusing your resources on these data related challenges can reduce your focus on your business innovation, but the data has great potential to answer your business problems. We help such organizations, we focus on your data related challenges while the organization can focus on business innovations.

We create a cost-effective and sustainable big data solution custom fitted to your business situation. We understand your data and help you create new insights and business opportunity with your data. We help you to better understand your customers and create a better vision and roadmap for your products and offerings. We use a diverse set of Big Data tools, framework and practices to data model and prototype solutions for your business needs all customized to specific business needs. With our agile approach, we constantly collaborate and receive feedbacks, improve and help you create roadmap and vision from your data within weeks.

If you are startup or a midsized organization looking to cut down your IT cost by leveraging some of the public cloud offering out there or simply sustain your cost saving by using cloud. We can help you. We plan your cloud migration and have a long-term road map to optimize your resources and increase your savings. We understand your process, provision needs and budgeting, research various cloud providers to get the framework and services that best suits you, negotiate with the cloud provider and create a spend analysis, roadmap and long term cloud strategy.

We help you build a flexible cloud strategy that lets you reduce cost and sustain the cost over long-term and not face issues due to long term lock in with single cloud provider. Our advanced cloud orchestration framework and services also unifies your cloud portfolio and simplifies managing your cloud resources across multiple cloud providers. You can also leverage some of the in-house cloud management tools and services that that helps your development tools to improve and streamline their process.